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Photo: Looking across the Sound of Sleat, from Eilean Iarmain, Skye

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Still Waters

Songs and Stories from Gaelic Scotland

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Still Waters Bio

Although Sìne McKenna was born and raised in Montreal, she was immersed in the traditional music of Gaelic Scotland and Ireland. By the time she was twelve, her greatest aspirations were to study the Gaelic language, learn a few Gaelic songs and live in Scotland.

All three came to pass. Although she now lives in Glengarry county, Canada, once the Highland heart of Ontario, she is devoted to sharing the legacy of her ancestors,  As a singer, teacher and performing artist, her life's work is to pass on the beauty and wisdom of her people, through story and song. As she has always been drawn to the songs that speak of loss of longing, these have become her main focus. 

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Workshops & Classes

For nearly thirty years, Sìne has been teaching Scots Gaelic songs to individuals and groups throughout Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.  

Since the autumn of 2018, she has been giving song workshops to groups online. Sìne very much enjoys weaving stories into the fabric of her class. This gives participants a bit of insight into the beliefs, customs and traditions of the people of Gaelic Scotland.

Workshops are $20 Cdn (sliding scale)

We meet online via Zoom.

To register please complete the subscription form below.

Private classes are also available by appointment.

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Gaelic Laments

Gaelic Laments

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